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What BRB International stands for

“BRB is a fast-growing company that originated in the Dutch Ittervoort and now operates worldwide with all its branches.

BRB International wants to be up to date in the field of legislation, regulations, working conditions and environmentally friendly procedures. No toxic raw materials are used within our organization. We closely monitor all changes in the areas of environment and quality. By doing so, we try to be sustainable in order to safeguard the future of the company and our environment.

In addition to a healthy financial ambition, I believe that CSR is becoming increasingly important for the continuity of the company. Furthermore it fosters sustainable relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers and society.

In 2017 we published the first CSR report to show to our business partners, that sustainability and taking social responsibility is important to BRB. In 2018 the CSR team initiated several actions to improve our footprint and to better understand the impact of the organization on sustainability aspects. Last year the CSR team continued initiating these actions. The results of these efforts are shared in our 2019 CSR report.”

In September 2019 BRB was acquired by PETRONAS Chemicals Group Berhad (PCG). For 2020, the Corporate Social Responsibility data will be incorporated into PCG’s Sustainability Report. This means that this is the last report to be released under the name of BRB.”

CEO Ralph Pinckaers

CSR team

The CSR team that we formed in 2017 consists of delegates from various departments within BRB International to create support within the organization and to ensure an integrated approach to meet the CSR objectives. In the meantime CSR is that much integrated that more and more employees are involved and contribute their part. Hugon Philippens coördinates the provision of documentation, company information and personal interviews.

The jointly formulated objectives and associated within the CSR Policy and associated CSR measures are fully supported by the board. CSR is part of the responsibility of the COO, Tom Caris. The CSR team is led by Hugon Philippens, the Global QESH Manager of BRB.

Hugon Philippens

Global QESH Manager

Tom Caris


“Corporate Social Responsibility is important for the continuity of our company and the continuity of sustainable relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers and society.”

Quote by Ralph Pinckaers, CEO

The implementation of our CSR policy

A policy-based approach, clear objectives and good communication through a CSR report were lacking until 2017. That is why in two policy sessions, one with the board of BRB International and one follow-up session with the CSR team, all objectives were defined and analyzed. Based on this analysis, as well as on the basis of the prioritization of recommendations from the CSR baseline measurement, three focus areas were determined.

  1. Safety and health of our employees
  2. Product safety
  3. Minimizing environmental impact

By consistently and structurally making these focus areas part of day-to-day operations and decisions, we give substance and direction to our ambition.



This CSR report is based on the latest guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Core. The report has been reviewed by BRB International and has not been verified by external parties.

Report frequency

It is our intention to present a report annually. In case of new developments, the information on this website will be updated.

Scope of the report

This report concerns the activities of BRB International in the Netherlands in the year 2019. No significant changes took place in regard to the size, structure or ownership of the organization during the reporting.


For questions about this report, please contact the Global QESH Manager Hugon Philippens via email:

BRB International Headquarters

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6014 CD Ittervoort
The Netherlands

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