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CSR Report
BRB International

Year 2018

CSR according to BRB International

BRB International is an independent worldwide manufacturer and supplier of silicones, lube oil additives and chemicals. In the past 37 years BRB International has grown from a one-man business to an international company that places great importance on providing quality. Another key value is flexibility to customers. Monitoring the environment and the health and safety of employees is inextricably linked to this.

Investment company Bencis Capital Partners owns the majority of shares since 2016. Early 2017, BRB International and Bencis Capital Partners decided to classify Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a strategic focus area within the company objectives.

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Given the size of the company, this second CSR report only concerns the location in the Netherlands, called BRB International. The ambition has been expressed to expand the scope of the report in the years to come to include other locations of BRB worldwide.

“Especially given the risk profile of our production activities, we are very focused on ensuring the well-being of people and the environment. Goal is to keep our carbon footprint as limited as possible. Healthy and responsible growth of our organization is not possible without these considerations.” (CEO Ralph Pinckaers)

“The CSR project and goals set up last year ensured sustainability has become a part of BRB general operation. Sustainability has become a part of the conversation when talking about investments and assessing or selecting suppliers.”

Comment by Hugon Philippens, Global QESH Manager

BRB International as an employer

BRB International cares about its employees. The risks of accidents in the workplace are minimized as much as possible. We make every effort to enable our employees to carry out their work in a safe and responsible manner. Our organization also recognizes the importance of personal development and growth. We annually engage in individual dialogues with all employees regarding company and personal goals, competence development and any associated career opportunities. Employees are also given the opportunity to follow internal or external training courses. This concerns both job related courses to gain more expertise and courses for personal development.

BRB International has been working together with local social workplaces since 2004. See the page ‘People’, inclusion for more information. In addition, BRB International buys services, such as landscaping maintenance, in a socially responsible manner whenever possible.

BRB International Headquarters

Europastraat 5
6014 CD Ittervoort
The Netherlands

Tel +31 475 560 300
Fax + 31 475 560 144